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How Installing A Pistol Booster Can Restore Performance To Your Handgun

Semi-automatic handguns and pistols often use a gas-powered recoil system that allows the action to cycle, ejecting the spent casing, and loading the next round into the chamber. When you add a suppressor or silencer to the gun, the weight and function change and the firearm's performance can suffer. However, adding a pistol booster can help, but you need to get the right one for your gun and suppressor. 

Understanding Recoil

Often, new gun owners are surprised by the recoil or kick a gun has when fired. The recoil is a product of the gases inside the chamber and barrel trying to escape the firearm when the round is fired. Barrel rise, noise, and how a gun cycles are all affected by the recoil, and gun manufacturers often harness those gases to make the firearm work better.

Adding a suppressor or silencer to the handgun will change how the gases are directed to reduce the noise of the firearm. The weight of the silencer can also cause the slide to cycle slowly and cause the weapon to jam. Adding a pistol booster to your gun can help restore the recoil but will not alter the noise suppression.

Guns with suppressors are excellent on a firing range because the muzzle flash and noise reduction make the firearm easier to shoot and safer for other people on the range. However, if the handgun is not working correctly, you could spend a lot of time clearing jams. Installing the appropriate pistol booster between the firearm and the suppressor can make a significant difference. 

Buying A Booster

If you are having issues with your suppressed pistol recoiling and cycling correctly, an excellent place to start is with a pistol booster. Any gun shop that sells suppressors or silencers will have pistol boosters available or be able to order one for you. 

Not all pistol boosters are the same, so you need to get one made for your firearm and suppressor combination. Sometimes that means calling the manufacturer and discussing the differences in the products that sell to determine which one will fit and do the job necessary. 

There are boosters available for rifles if you need one, but the recoil issue is more prevalent with pistols using a browning-style action because of how the pistol cycles. Many manufacturers make pistol boosters to fit specific ammo or firearm calibers, so if you have a 9 mm and a .45 ACP, you will need different pistol boosters for each gun. 

You may also find boosters with a lockout function that allows the removal of the spring in the pistol booster to change how it works. However, it is essential that you discuss that feature with the manufacturer to ensure you understand how it works and when it is beneficial to your situation.

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