The Amazing History and Origins of Sports

Better Balance = Improved Gameplay

Balance is essential when playing baseball. New pitchers may have difficulty standing in one spot while throwing a ball. This could negatively impact the execution of each throw. If you coach a youth baseball team and would like to assist them with improving their performance, purchase some balance training equipment that can be used during each practice session.

Use Balance Equipment

Training equipment will aid in maintaining posture and aiming accurately. Purchase some balance training equipment from a sports supplier. A balance platform or rubber-topped mound and a wooden beam can be used during each practice session. A net or a wooden target will alert each participant to the area that they need to aim toward. A balance platform is a square or rectangular-shaped structure that can be set directly on top of the area that you refer to as the pitcher's mound.

A rubber-topped mound can also be used in place of an oblong structure and will mimic the physical characteristics associated with an elevated area that is constructed of dirt. An artificial mound will have sloped edges and a narrow section on top in which a pitcher should rest their feet. During each training session, instruct your team members to take turns, using either type of training device.

If an individual's feet shift and fall from the sides of the balancing equipment, they will be alerted to the fact that their feet are moving during gameplay, and this may prompt them to pay more attention to their footwork during each toss of the ball. Set up a balance beam next to the playing field and assign some of the team members to walk across it when they are not actively using another balancing aid.

Rotate Your Players

On practice days, break your team members into small groups. Assign one group to each training station that you have set up. If you have an assistant coach who works alongside you, direct them to oversee one of the stations. Set a time limit for the team members to complete a training session.

During the active training, observe the kids and take notes that pertain to their performance levels. When the allotted time has elapsed, direct the groups to rotate their stations. This will allow your team members to use all of the training aids that you have provided. At the end of each practice session, speak to your team members separately. Let each team member know what strengths and weaknesses that you have observed during the utilization of the training aids.

Provide pointers, which will assist with improving one or more of the exercises. After your youth group has trained for several weeks, you may notice a marked improvement in the overall manner in which the team members perform. 

To learn more, contact a baseball balance training equipment supplier.

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