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Don't Blow Your Cover

Waiting patiently from the confines of your boat and attempting to make your strike at just the right moment are two key aspects of a successful duck-hunting expedition. If you have been unlucky during the last few outings and have recently decided to invest in a duck boat blind that is constructed of marsh grass and other natural components, use some techniques to aid in remaining still and staying concealed.

Set Up The Blind

Your new duck blind will contain a metal frame or require the blind to be draped across a watercraft. There are also blinds that are mobile and that contain a built-in resting pad and pillow. A mobile boat blind can be used inside of a watercraft or on dry land.

The difference between a boat model with a frame and one without a frame is that a framed blind will be slightly elevated and can potentially accommodate a group of hunters. A blind that needs to be draped across a watercraft will limit the amount of movement that you can perform, but this type of camouflaging device will be ready for use whenever you decide to go hunting. If you choose a blind that contains a frame, the frame will need to be erected and anchored prior to securing the brush fabric cover to it.

Some frames contain snaps or tags that can be secured around metal poles. After purchasing a duck boat bind, practice setting it up and concealing yourself. You will have an idea of what the environment will be like during a solo or a group hunting trip.

Stay In One Spot And Plant Decoys

It may seem natural to move your boat through the water throughout a hunting expedition, but this could scare off ducks, and your prey will be distracted by your movement. A body of water that contains thick weeds and other plant life that is growing from the sides of the waterway will make a suitable area to hide in. Bring your boat out on several occasions and dock it in the same area.

During each hunting trip, leave the boat blind intact for the entire outing. Bring along enough supplies for the day, and plant decoys nearby. Use binoculars to help you locate ducks. When you spot live ducks near the decoys, you may be required to shoot while you are in a reclined position, and this may take some time for you to get used to.

To learn more, contact a supplier that carries duck boat blinds.

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