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What You Need To Know When Considering Carry A Gun For Protection

Carrying a firearm for personal protection or some other purpose involves some steps to ensure you are following your local and federal laws. Many states require you to apply for a permit to carry a gun concealed, and the process, while similar, may involve some specific steps in your state to meet the requirements.

Concealed Carry

Understanding the terms associated with carrying firearms is essential. A permit to carry a gun is typically only required for concealed carry, which means the gun is not in clear view as you are carrying it. It could be under a jacket, in a holster carried in your beltline, or concealed holster on your leg or ankle.

Many states allow open carry or carrying a gun in plain view using a holster outside your clothing, and everyone can see that you have a firearm. You still need to register the gun legally, and in some places, you may be asked not to bring it in with you, but in most cases, open carry does not require a permit to carry a gun as long as you are the legal owner. 

Obtaining A Permit

When considering a permit to carry concealed, you will need to find out what your state requires and how to apply for the permit. A background check is standard in most places to ensure you are not a felon or a fugitive on the run. After the review is complete, you may be required to take a training course and complete it before the process moves forward.

Often the training course involves class time, shooting on the range, and general maintenance of the firearm so you can clean and service your firearm as needed. Once you complete the course successfully, the instructor will issue you a certificate that you can submit with your application for your permit.

Where Can You Carry

A permit to carry is good in your state once you receive it, and some other states will honor it through reciprocity, but you need to check before traveling with your firearm. There are often limitations with carrying concealed that you also need to be aware of. 

You can not legally carry a firearm in an airport in most states unless you are law enforcement, and some businesses like banks, credit unions, and places with a lot of cash on hand may restrict firearms inside the business. It is essential to understand the rules when carrying a gun and remember that a permit to carry does not give you the right to take your firearm everywhere, but it does allow you more freedom and access than open carry in many cases.   

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